Kind Words From My Clients

I Get To Collaborate With Awesome Accounting Pros!

“Your willingness to always help someone out when trying to figure out workflows and how you bring a community together to help each other. I love your spirit how you make everything you teach or talk about exciting! You’re an amazing contribution to the bookkeeping and workflow world!  ” -Renee MacDonald, RM Bookkeeping & Accounting Services

“You always make it feel possible and take the fear down a couple notches. I love your authentic realness. It is easy to collaborate with you. Your willingness and ability to share your genius is impressive and admirable.” -Tania Madarasz, Leading Ledgers

“We had a 30 minute call when I was starting out in my bookkeeping business. In that 30 minute call Kellie laid out how I should structure my business and offered some great insights about going paperless. Based on her recommendations, I pivoted my marketing and never went back. She saved me 6 months or so of trying to decide how to run my business.” -Tammy Bauer, Becasuse789 Bookkeeping

“The biggest thing is your bite sized pieces of advice shared on your Facebook group which helped me break out of the cycle of overwhelm and make things feel doable. I appreciate all of the wisdom that you share in the form of plain English, easy to follow actionable steps, easy tables to break down the various app options to find the right fit and your awesome templates and workflows.” -Jessica Fox, Florida Virtual Bookkeeper LLC

“Kellie is a master at solving problems and taking away workflow pain that we in the accounting profession are dealing with every day. She has given me so many great ideas and little tidbits that just help make my work life easier!” –Teresa Slack

“You helped me get focused on what I needed to do.” –Melanie Schroeder,


“Only the short amount of time we’ve known each other through your Facebook Group you have provided such insightful information on how I could be more confident in my practice and in my processes. I love that you’re willing to share with other accounting colleagues and not feel that we are a threat or competition. Your collaborative approach is very welcoming.” –Aileen Gilpin, AGilpin Consultants

“You spoke at the 2018 IPBC Conference and I found you to be knowledgeable, informative, and inspirational. You have given me the motivation to want to be a better bookkeeper. Whether it is using the systems I currently use or by introducing new processes, the information you provide is invaluable. I thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience with me and other like-minded Bookkeepers.” –Darlene Williams



“Kellie has a very strong understanding of cloud accounting and the processes required for success. She has helped me develop profitable methods for processing work and systemizing my office processes. I highly recommend Kellie to anyone who is looking to work more efficiently and profitably.” -Martin Eisenstein, CPA and Attorney at Law

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“Kellie is an absolutely rockstar. She’s an incredibly knowledgeable, engaging and entertaining presenter. We engaged her for a workflow consulting engagement for our firm and were thoroughly impressed. We would definitely recommend her and would hire her again.” –Curtis Voisin, Brane Wave Business Solutions Inc.

“Kellie always takes a keen interest in our business, ensuring that her services are in tune with our needs. She provides prompt, accurate and efficient responses to our inquiries. Kellie is a patient and methodical trainer, ensuring that we can understand and confidently use the systems available. I would highly recommend Kellie!” -Peter Van Ryn, Administration, With The Grain Bakery

Kellie is great to work with, works hard to explain what I need to do in clear, concise terms and is always willing to help ensure that I understand.  She is very quick to respond when I call and to work around my schedule whenever possible. Rather than focusing on one specific approach, she responds to what works best for me.

“Kellie is very attentive and does great work. She always makes me feel comfortable when I ask questions. She makes doing the books easy!” -Melanie Sands, Owner, Redhill Carwash

“I have now transferred all of my bookkeeping from MS Excel to QBO. Kellie was extremely knowledgeable with QBO and helped me transition over. Always quick to respond to my questions! Thanks for your help Kellie!” -Steve Ford


I have great SMB Clients!

“I’m so pleased to have found Calmwaters Book Keeping service.  As the co-owner of a small consulting business with no bookkeeping experience, I learned the basics of Quickbooks but needed some mentoring and occasional help.

I contacted Calmwaters for some customized training almost two years ago –  in order to find simpler ways to manage my data, to learn how to handle entry and reconciliations more easily and to get  answers to my specific questions, often over the phone rather than having to book an appointment with my accountant.

Working with Calmwaters has made my Quickbooks life so much easier and has increased my level of knowledge about Quickbooks – it has been a great partnership!” –Susan Martin, Dr. Larry Martin and Associates

“We have been using the professional bookkeeping services of Calmwaters Bookkeeping for 8 years.  Initially, I contracted their services for general bookkeeping work but soon realized the potential of their expertise.  They were able to create workflows for the College, suggested ways to keep or costs under control, organized our student enrollments into a manageable form to track receivables, streamlined everyday tasks such as payables, made suggestions for technology to make our systems run smoother and more securely!  They have provided much value to the College.” –Chef Elaina Ravo, C.C.C., Director, Liaison College Culinary Arts


Intuit’s Find a ProAdvisorQuickBooks Find a ProAdvisor

“I contacted Kellie to help me with questions I had about QuickBooks. My accountant had set up the basic system but wasn’t helpful or cost effective to help with follow up issues. I worked with Kellie to explain aspects of QuickBooks I didn’t know and to trouble-shoot issues. Our small company, working in consulting and training, needed a fairly simple system – and Kellie worked with me to keep it simple and to help me be as efficient as possible. I really appreciated her responsiveness as well as her clear communication. I would definitely recommend Kellie – she’s a great QuickBooks Coach!”

“Kellie always takes a keen interest in our business, ensuring that her services are in tune with our needs. She provides prompt, accurate and efficient responses to our inquiries. Kellie is a patient and methodical trainer, ensuring that we can understand and confidently use the systems available. I would highly recommend Kellie!”

“Kellie is always quick to respond to any question that I might have. She is well versed with Quickbooks and Hubdoc. I would absolutely recommend her services.”