Cloud Accounting Firm Coaching

I am excited that you are on your way to adopting a Cloud Accounting Platform for your company. I totally geek out on this stuff, live and breath it.

I help Accounting Professionals realize the benefits through actionables – QBO & App partner education, setting up efficient processes & systems including kick-ass workflows and finally how to communicate clearly with clients in this new collaborative relationship. We are not going to spend time mucked down in the theories and reasons to “adopt the cloud”. Together we are going to make this stuff actually work like you’ve been hearing it can.

Is it Accounting Professionals education on tips & tricks to using QBO and the apps efficiently? Sassy’s sessions are not about getting certified. These are actual ways to manage the quirks, keep kick outs to a minimum, how to tame the bank feed and reconcile in minutes.  And how to integrate apps efficiently and manage their little quirks.

How about creating or improving Core Value, Mission and Ideal Client Statements?  It is much more effective to create processes and workflows if you know what the work you are doing is, and who you are doing it with! Icould go on and on about the need to create these statements!

Is it analyzing your or your clients’ workflows (if you have any) and helping you develop ones that are going to work with the new CloudFinTech?You are going to need them. There’s no pile of paper or in-tray guiding the tasks and ToDos that need to get ToDone. Client collaboration is real, they are part of the team now. Solid workflows are key to actualizing the efficiency rhetoric.

Is it developing Standard Operating Procedures? And then communicating them? Creating SOPs and then producing them in both printed and online handbooks leads to accountability, consistency and professionalism. It sets the expectations and creates clarity. You will need these for both your firm team members and your client team.

Is it a combination of them? That works for me, it’s your day.

What does our time together get you?

Education sessions. You can have as many firm members present as you choose and we will cover QBO and any apps you wish to have education on (or I can suggest some of our go-to apps). This will also cover a optimizing browser session, which is vital in using QBO properly. We will schedule a 1 hour virtual follow up session on or about 2 weeks after the on-site one to discuss any issues and concerns still floating around and have a Q&A to make sure everyone is working efficiently in QBO and the apps.

Workflow sessions. We will be creating workflows together in these sessions. Real live, good to go workflows to get you up and running now. Right now.

Standard Operating Procedures? We will be creating or improving the ones you already have, in the moment. When we are done you will have the framework completed to have these produced. Sassy can co-ordinate you with a designer to bring these print and on-line handbooks.

I would love to help out off-site as well.  That’s a whole different program.  And you can do “add-ons” that way as well.  Follow-up sessions, copy and editing of workflows & handbooks, virtual training.  It’s up to you again.  We can talk about the many ways we can help.

Wondering if I am any good at this? 

What you’re ROI is going to look like?
If you would like to take ​15 minutes to “Zoom” with me I would love to demo samples of my education sessions, workflows and a client handbook.

I charge $1,750.00/day (9:00am – 4:00pm) for onsite training, workflow analysis, partner app consultation and development of both firm and/or client SOP handbooks. You decide what you want us to tackle. You decide how many people you want involved from your firm. You decide where your pain points lie and how we can best solve them for you. 

I have half day in-house sessions at $875.00 (3.5 hours, flexible times), so if you need shorter times or want to set up multiple sessions I can accommodate that.

I offer virtual sessions to work on what you would like to accomplish at $150.00/hour.

I have custom pricing based on scope of work.

When you’re engagement with Saasy is complete you will have tools you have decided you need in place to realize the Cloud FinTech benefits. Or you don’t pay me. It’s that simple. I’ve been there, I’ve experienced the challenges and now we’re past that. I want to bring you to the happy CloudFinTech world I live in.